Since 1999, We've Made Forklift Fleets Carry Their Weight


About CJK Services

CJK Services employs an effective combination of experienced analysts, professional and dedicated client team specialists and a state-of-the-art database that generates winning results for our clients. By scrutinizing repairs, repair occurrences and component failure rates, the CJK Services’ team ensures our clients receive the best value for each maintenance dollar spent! The process of auditing and analyzing converts raw data into usable information required by our clients to maximize their forklift fleets at the lowest possible cost.

Our service has provided excellent returns for our clients. Essentially, our clients have found the savings generated by the CJK Services’ team far exceeds the fee for our service.

CJK Services places a premium on customer satisfaction. We understand that it is relationships that make a business successful. By focusing on nurturing value-driven, beneficial relationships with our customers, CJK becomes your partner for extracting maximum financial and operational excellence from your forklift fleet.

The CJK Services Story

The CJK story is about CEO Bruce Heuer finding a seriously unmet need, and filling it. Years in the industry–starting in forklift sales in 1973–gave him a deep understanding of how to get the most value out of a forklift fleet. He recognized the responsibility for the forklift fleet was inherited, passed down to an individual whose resume had little or nothing to do with forklifts. As he spoke with those individuals he found three common themes:


The client had no advocate. No one was reviewing the ongoing forklift repair bills on their behalf.


The client had no way of capturing the data to provide the visibility required to economically manage the forklift fleet.


Forklifts continued to age because of the gap that exists between operations and finance. The replacement justification failed to meet finance’s criteria and as a result, forklifts are the last place finance likes to invest hard earned operating dollars.


$10 Million in Savings Over 14 Years

One of CJK’s clients is a 3PL (third-party logistics provider) with numerous locations across North America. The client reports that, over the past 14 years, CJK’s services have helped them avoid over $10 million in new—and unnecessary—MHE purchases. How? By using statistical data to alert them to economical, under-utilized MHE available within their system. This valuable information allowed the client to better invest over $10 million.