Forklift Repair Analysis

Experienced Experts Review Every Aspect of Repair


Seasoned Expertise

Delivering effective forklift-fleet management information services starts with the right people. Our service repair analysts include former forklift technicians, field service managers, shop leads, and general service managers.


We See Invoices First

Service providers send all forklift repair invoices directly to CJK’s experienced analysts for in-depth oversight and economic analysis — leaving you one less thing to worry about.


Real-Time Repairs Database

Analysts use CJK’s real-time “repairs database” to compare the forklift technician’s repair order with the invoice to ensure accuracy.


Direct Contact with Service Providers

If our analysts find any discrepancies on a repair invoice, they’ll contact the service provider directly. So, once you receive the invoice—stamped and processed usually within 24 to 48 hours—you’ll know it’s been reviewed.


Component Crosschecking

CJK’s process includes analyzing repair occurrences and component failures to establish possible links between current and past component failures.


Excessive Parts or Labor?

We’ll check for improper troubleshooting and parts swapping—both of which can lead to unwarranted parts replacement. In addition, if labor charges are higher than “reasonable and customary,” that labor will be deemed excessive.


Are PM’s on the Correct Schedules?

Improperly performed preventative maintenance (PM) can be costly. We’ll make sure PM is being completed at the right intervals, as specified by the manufacturer’s or the client’s guidelines.


Is this a Warranty Repair?

Our analysts will ensure that repairs covered under manufacturer warranty will not incur any out of pocket expense.