Your Objective Ally


Total Objectivity

Because we don’t sell or service equipment—or share in any savings we generate for you—our only goal is to help you maximize the economics of managing forklift fleet operations and save you as much money as possible.


A Partner

Because we—not you—deal directly with service providers during the forklift repair analysis process, and address any disputed repair issues with them before you receive these analyzed bills, we protect your relationship with those providers. In fact, historically, our services end up being a positive for both our clients and their service providers.


Trusted Guidance

Putting our extensive forklift industry experience to work, we can help you choose new MHE based on local service performance; recommend alternate service providers if necessary; help decide yes or no on older forklift replacement, and much more.


Offering Third-Party Logistics?

Do you offer warehousing/logistics services to other companies? Using CJK Services as proof that any forklift fleet costs being billed to your client are truly “pass-through” expenses, can only enhance your reputation as an honest, reliable partner.


Looking Out for You

The operational data we provide on your fleet is not only comprehensive, but more importantly, is studied, analyzed, broken down, and turned into practical applications—specific steps you can take right away to save money, avoid unnecessary costs and maximize value.


Trackable Savings

For CJK, a cornerstone of the responsible stewardship of your fleet is the assured savings you’ll realize through our auditing and analyzing services. At the heart of that is the trackable cost savings our clients enjoy.