Determining What’s Wrong

CJK analyzes your companies forklift usage from every angle, to identify the primary reasons your fleet is not operating at peak efficiency.


Real-World Thinking

In generating their analyses, CJK Services considers “real-world” conditions in areas like cost-per-hour, operating hours, utilization, working environments and repair history, and converts raw data into usable information.


Recommending Solutions

Based on our troubleshooting analysis, CJK will periodically develop strategies for improving fleet productivity, along with the economic analysis and reports showcasing the projected net return for adopting those recommendations.


Time to Replace?

CJK has a proven track record of identifying aging, inefficient equipment in your system, and providing the solid, bottom-line-focused financial justification for forklift replacement (using a Net Present Value calculation to yield a discounted cash flow analysis).


Everything you need to know

CJK’s dashboard gives the client a visual portal that provides a 30,000 foot view of a fleet for the executive on the go, as well as a close-up of the most minute detail for the operations manager in the field, all in a clear concise fashion.


Reports for Every Need

What specific piece of operational trend analysis would you like to see a report on? Our reports are limited only by our clients’ requirements and imagination, and can be generated monthly, quarterly or annually.


The Knowledge to Improve

Our experienced service repair analysts can generate a variety of reports, depending on our clients’ needs, but all designed to provide information that both improves forklift productivity and reduces forklift operating expense.