Suspect You're Paying Too Much To Maintain Your Forklift Fleet But Don't Have The Time To Find Out For Sure?


CJK Profitably Solves “FM vs. T&M” Dilemma

A recent client asked CJK to compare two identical operations of their company. One was on FM (fixed-cost maintenance), the other on T&M (time and materials maintenance). For two identical types of equipment in both facilities, our analysis revealed monthly FM per-vehicle costs in Facility #1 of $302/$594, versus T&M per-vehicle costs in Facility #2 of $138/$311. Converting the FM facility to T&M saved nearly $146,000 in FM, plus nearly $38,000 more in abuse/avoidable repairs. Total savings: nearly $184,000. Not surprisingly, the client has converted the remaining 37 locations to T&M.